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In 2019, a projectedwas invested by U.S. businesses, nonprofits and government agencies in plant, equipment, and software.

Approximately 50%, or $900 billion of that investment, was financed through loans, leases, and lines of credit. America's equipment finance companies are the source of such financing, providing access to capital. Equipment finance companies also finance the export of U.S. manufactured products abroad1.

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Over 100 institutional equipment lease investors

Fairfield Capital Group maintains relationships with over 100 institutional equipment lease investors to make sure we can access the lowest rates and the best terms and conditions for any client requirement.

Domestic and foreign investors

Our professionals have personal relationships with dozens of domestic and foreign investors that provide equipment lease capital to late-venture stage and rapidly growing companies.

Ideal For Renewable Energy Clients

This access is extremely important to our renewable energy clients are many are late-stage venture companies that are unable to finance on an unsecured basis.

Access the world of Capital

Both Domestic & Foreign Investors

  • Commercial banks or their equipment finance subsidiaries

  • Income funds

  • Independent equipment finance companies

  • Insurance companies

  • Private equity sponsored equipment finance companies

  • Venture leasing and debt companies

  • Family Offices investing in commercial finance

Experience & Education

Clean Energy & Fuel Cell Technology Equipment Financing

In recent years, Fairfield Capital has played a major role in developing the market for clean energy financing by educating institutional lessors with respect to fuel cell technology.

Expanding The Clean Energy Technology Capital Market

By providing education about this rapidly-emerging technology, we have helped accelerate the expansion of the market for, and the numbers of participants in, these types of equipment lease financings.

Investors Trust Fairfield Capital's Expertise & Experience

These investors have relied on Fairfield Capital’s knowledge and experience to assist their underwriting and risk management teams to open this new category of equipment for their lease portfolio investment.

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