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Proposed 2021 Tax Law Changes and the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry

Recent Legislative History The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that passed the Senate on August 10, 2021, looked markedly different from the ambitious climate agenda President Biden touted on the campaign trail.  It would increase spending in an effort to build out infrastructure needed for a low-carbon economy — ...
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Who Monetizes Investment Tax Credits?

There is a deep market for U.S. Federal investment tax credits sought by highly profitable, usually non-capital-intensive service companies. Since the mechanism for transferring the benefit of these credits from a user of capital equipment (which is unable to use the tax credit) to an owner (which seeks tax credits ...
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Tax Credits and Renewable Energy Equipment

The Problem with Tax Credits Ever since the first 7% Federal investment tax credit was enacted by Congress in 1962, a recurring problem has been the issue of how to make this benefit available to companies that are not currently taxable or are unable to carry back the credit against ...
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