Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing

Helping companies acquire and finance renewable energy equipment


Renewable Energy Equipment Financing and Acquisition

We have increasingly turned our attention over the last decade to helping companies acquire and finance renewable energy equipment.

The acquisition of clean electrical power obtained from hydrogen fuel cells, hydro, solar and wind power has mushroomed over the last few years.

We believe the U.S. economy and its equipment leasing and financing industry are at a tipping point now as companies accelerate efforts to decarbonize their operations. U.S. Government policy is solidly behind creating incentives to accelerate this trend.

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Focus On Renewable Energy

Fairfield Capital’s focus is on helping companies convert their businesses to sustainable operations through the acquisition of renewable energy equipment.

We have substantial experience in optimizing equipment lease structures to take advantage of the many federal and state tax credits and capital cost deductions available for investors in renewable energy equipment.

A major focus of the financings that Fairfield Capital arranges is the monetization of the Federal Investment Tax Credit associated with the ownership of renewable energy equipment. We have extensive relationships with numerous institutional lease investors that have substantial taxable income and are major investors in equipment lease transactions to acquire the investment tax credits.

Know The Market

Gain Access To America's Equipment Financing Companies

Our senior relationship managers have worked with dozens of law firms representing many of the largest investors in these types of equipment lease transactions.

We have closed almostof renewable energy lease transactions in the last several years.

In the process, we have acquired extensive market knowledge, experience and contacts to ensure that we can obtain for our clients the best equipment leasing and financing terms and conditions available in the market.

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