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Fairfield Capital Group

Fairfield Capital Group is a privately held financial services firm providing investment banking services to manufacturers and users of capital equipment.

With over four decades of experience, Fairfield Capital’s senior relationship managers are experts in arranging highly complex, tax-advantaged equipment lease financings for renewable and legacy types of capital equipment.

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turn-key equipment leasing and financing service

In recent years, we have concentrated our focus on helping public and private companies navigate the complex accounting and tax considerations associated with lease financing of renewable energy equipment.  Many of these transactions are motivated by the user’s desire to monetize the investment tax credits associated with the ownership of renewable energy equipment.

  • Understand objectives

    We obtain a thorough understanding of their business and financing objectives

  • Prepare Investor Offering Memoranda

    We prepare investor offering memoranda which accurately and concisely describes their business and the desired objectives of the proposed financing

  • Achieve financing objectives

    We contact institutional equipment leasing and financing investors in a competitive process designed to ensure that our clients achieve their financing objectives and obtain the best available terms, conditions, and rates

  • Recommend best alternatives

    We evaluate lease proposals and letters of intent, rank-ordering the proposal based on both economic and subjective criteria, and recommend the best alternatives

  • Close deals

    We work closely with our client and their team to ensure that the transaction closes as agreed and on time

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Fairfield Capital's team of experts is glad to discuss your unique needs and provide financing solutions for even the most challenging of business situations.