Fairfield Capital can enable your company to “get a better deal” when you are raising debt or lease capital through the judicious design of your term sheet, the careful selection of new and different types of bidders, and the aggressive negotiation of important document provisions that only years of experience can provide.


With decades of experience in sales and sales management, we know every structural technique employed by equipment finance companies to compete for your business or enhance their returns. We can incorporate features in your term sheet to make sure you are receiving the benefit of the lowest-cost structures currently available in the market.

New and More Competitive Sources of Funding

New and different types of Investors (bank-affiliated, commercial and community banks, commercial finance companies, hedge funds, income funds, insurance companies, insurance company affiliates, private investment funds, etc.) are constantly entering and exiting the market depending on their liquidity, need for investment, and alternate forms of investment. Different Investors have different investment parameters depending on the credit strength of the issuer and the collateral type. We know the Investors best suited to provide a highly-competitive package for the specific attributes of your financing.


The negotiability of various terms and conditions ebbs and flows depending on the supply/demand conditions of the equipment finance market at any given time. We make sure the documents reflect the deal you negotiated in the term sheet and aggressively represent your interests.


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