Syndication Capability

A growing equipment finance company has increasing demands for liquidity, and hence syndication capabilities, for many reasons—to:

  • Manage exposures
    • Credit
    • Collateral
  • Manage liquidity
    • Generate cash for reinvestment
    • Accelerate income in the form of fees and gains on sale
  • Manage tax base in the case of true leases
  • Manage customer relationships where incremental business would:
    • be too large;
    • not fit your market or equipment niche;
    • require returns below your hurdle rate; or
    • be a transaction you want to bid for a third party.

Fairfield Capital provides an Investor with the ability to offer sophisticated syndication capabilities, or add to those it already has, without having to incur the high fixed cost of adding to its permanent staff. We enable you to “outsource” all or some of your syndication requirements at a fraction of the cost by working on a success fee basis. We give your business and staff the benefit of our market knowledge gained from many years of servicing a diverse client base and interacting with numerous institutional investors.


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