Portfolio Financing

Fairfield Capital has experiencing in recourse and non-resource financing of equipment lease and loan portfolios as small as $5 million and as large as $100+ million.

In the case of smaller portfolios that are structured with limited recourse or with limited guarantees of the seller, or holdbacks, additional collateral, etc., these transactions can be handled as an offshoot of our normal syndications services.

For larger portfolios ($50+ million) or portfolio securitizations, we assemble a team of our partners, specialized attorneys, trustees and placement agents to execute a strategy for the financing. We work closely with an Investor’s asset management, billing and collections, operations and underwriting staff to make sure we understand how you originate and document your transactions and to make sure that the resulting financing will be something that you can administer without unduly disturbing your existing business model. We will analyze your portfolio, recommend structural alternatives, and assist in the placement of the resulting securities to secure the lowest-cost financing alternative available in the market for your portfolio mix.


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