Since 2004, Fairfield Capital Group, LLC has provided financial advisory, and capital markets services to two segments of the equipment leasing and finance marketplace:

  • middle-market and highly-leveraged companies (Issuers), and
  • small and mid-sized equipment finance and leasing companies (Investors).

For Issuers, these services are usually in support of raising debt or lease capital to finance the acquisition of revenue-generating equipment. Fairfield Capital’s services enable an Issuer to reduce its cost of capital by:

  • structuring more creative and aggressively-structured term sheets;
  • attracting a greater number, and more diverse types, of new funding sources;
  • providing a sophisticated evaluation of financing proposals with respect to both economic and non-economic terms and conditions; and
  • offering advice in complex document negotiations.

For Investors, Fairfield Capital provides syndication services which

  • enable an Investor to either add a syndication capability, or augment and improve an existing one, and
  • may include the financing of new or existing equipment finance and lease portfolios with limited or non- recourse (in the case of securitization structures) structures.




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